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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lisa and Bob: Fly Me to the Moon

Lisa and Bob got married on the most beautiful day in October - beautiful fall colors, warm fall air AND the fullest moon of the year!!! What made that fact so much more interesting is that their Wedding Dance song was "Fly Me to the Moon" by Frank Sinatra. We had actually discussed using a full moon as the theme for their "Save the Date" cards, but chose to go with "Country Girl Meets City Boy" instead (see October 3rd post).

Bruce and I were out one evening in early September. I remember it well because we were having one of those "wouldn't-a-cheap-breakfast-at-9:00-at-night-really-just-hit-the-spot" kinda moods. So....as we pulled into the local Denny's parking lot we noticed the most incredibly bright full moon. Since I know nothing of moon cycles -or any other astrological fact for that matter - I asked Bruce what the moon cycle was. "29 days," he said (rolling his eyes at my ignorance for this basic fact). I promptly pulled out my all-knowing, fully-loaded, totally worshipped IPhone (shoulda just asked IT about the moon cycle - same answer...less eye rolling) and counted down the days to the next full moon. Day 29 fell right on Lisa and Bob's wedding day!!!!! Now that, my friends, is what you call destiny!!!! (OR really good planning) Either way, we got this amazing portrait of them in the very seconds before they were announced as "Husband and Wife" for the first time! Gotta love it!

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